New layout and Map

Hey guys, the new layout is not bad, but I have 2 issues I’m seeing…

1, the Map is about half the size it used to be… can this be re-adjusted?

2, the map is flipping 180 degrees when it refreshes. Not every time, but at least 5 times in the last 2 hours. I’m looking at the East Coast, and then it will refresh and I’m looking at China!! It allows me to pan it back to the right location, but then about 10 min later, it is right back to China!

Is anyone else seeing this problem?

What web browser and screen size (resolution) do you have? The map should auto-expand to the correct size for your computer. In most cases, this has resulted in a significantly larger map.

I’m using IE 8 with a resolution of 1280 x 800 on a 23" monitor. Prior to the update to the page, the auto-adjust was performing as it should.

Thanks for your quick reply!


Can we see a screenshot?

Not sure how to attach the screenshot to this message, but yes, I have made one in jpeg format. I can email it if you have an addy to send to.

You can email it to my username @

I’ve sent the screenshot to the provided addy.