Nav log question

Should the first nav log below show times between fixes and navaids like the second nav log?

Routing KMBO MEI330025 IGB150034 LDK150006 KEKY


DUAT does display the times between fixes for KMBO MEI330025 IGB150034 LDK150006 KEKY

We’re not yet parsing VOR radial-distances.


Then this must be why the distance for GPS and airway routing on the Nav log are exactly the same (169 miles and 1 hour 26 minutes flight time for today)

I would take it then the time and distance would be skewed as a shorter flight on the airway routing nav logs for Flight Aware that inclues radial distances unless I am misinterpreting something?

Yesterday, when I saw both time and distance exactly the same on the GPS direct and airway routing (I was expecting a longer distance and flight time via airways), this is what made me experiment with the side by side comparison of the various flight planners.

Yes. We’re working on parsing VOR radial/distances; we just added support for latitude/longitude pairs in the route last night.