Nav Log does not include all waypoints

Is there any reason that an airport entered as a fix (KMGY) and a defined waypoint (ie SOT350 radial 120 miles as SOT350120) included as a preferred route option would not show up on the nav log? This route includes a direction change and is important, as well as making the program unusable for me as it now works. The idea appears wonderful but I want to be able to use it. Thanks

Could you post a link or address to a specific example of what you’re asking about?

I think I actually understand his question, but not sure that FA flight planner can handle radials and DME from a VOR as a way point in the nav log.

Example I am thinking of would be from KMBO to JAN to GLH to MLU course reversal to MLU045033 (045 radial 33 miles NE of MLU VOR) to eaton (made up intersection east of the DME fix to MLU) to JAN. Instead of a VOR in my example, it looks like wilsonor is using an airport as a fix.

I have a route similar to the above for when ever I get the time to draw my letter “A” over the skies of MS and LA. The left cross bar of the A would be the NE radial distance from Monroe VOR and the end of the right cross bar would be an intersection between the JAN and GLH VOR.

JAN would be the right bottom leg of the A, GLH would be the top and MLU would be the bottom left leg of the A.

Clear as mud? When I get home I can put up a screen shot of my flight plan with the actual fixes.

Looking into it.

Route is Fort Wayne to Brunswick Georgia, avoiding Cincinnati airspace.

I can file on DUATS direct to Wright Brothers (Dayton), Direct to 120 NE of Snowbird VOR on the 350 degree radial) direct to Snowbird direct to Colliers Direct to Destination.

Route as filed is KFWA - KMGY - SOT350120 - SOT - IRQ - KSSI

When I put it into the Flight planning software here, the Nav Log gives me the correct heading to KMGY but shows the first waypoint (and distance) as Snowbird (SOT) and the Nav Log does not include either of the waypoints before SOT.

Does that help?

Sorry - actually the waypoint is a little northwest of Snowbird


Just curious, in the plane do you set up NAV1 with SOT set to the 350 radial and Nav 2 with IRQ set the intersecting radial to determine your direction of flight from KMGY especially if it’s off an airway? Just trying to desktop fly what you have above.

Not at home to run this through Voyager for a graphical picture so I apologise if airways are being assumed between fixes. :slight_smile:

Also, am I reading your route as DME 120 miles from SOT on the 350 radial? Nevermind the sentence before…

My guess after re-reading is that you must be using GPS for navigation and not your ground based equipment???

You are defining the fix the same way I do and I do fly it as a GPS fix. It is approx half way from MGY to Snowbird, thus a useful spot to note time/fuel/winds.

Unfortunately the VOR signal cannot be picked up from the fix, but it is an easy entrant into Garmin 430 as a user waypoint.

We’ve fixed the issue with airports not appearing, still working on the VOR/radial/distance issue.

Thank you - that’s quick!

Does the software provide for intersections and NDB’s to be used as waypoints, and for Victor- or T- routes to be used as airways?

Yes, yes, yes, yes. And any of the ~60k points published in the AIS data. And A-routes. And AR-routes. And B-routes. And G-routes. And L-routes. And M-routes. And Q-routes. And R-routes.

That is wonderful.

Is there a way to get a weather brief before filing with FAA? And what are you doing about NOTAM’s? I did not see those in the briefing.

Thanks for your help!

Still being worked on. … 2799#62799

and … 2728#62728

This has been resolved.