help a newbie


I was tracking a flight from Cyow to Kmco ( Ottawa to Orlando) and when I click on waypoints I get lots of little waypoints but not identified. If I want to try and follow this plan when programming a flight how do I figure out these waypoints or do I not use waypoints and use other ways. Also I tried skyvector and its gives me a map with a pink line for the route but I can’t figure out how to find waypoints on there either



I took this flight as an example: … /CYOW/KMCO
To the waypoints: IKLAX Q844 SYR EWC BKW SPA J85 AMG BUGGZ2 I would add CYOW in front, KMCO in back, open skyvector and plug the list into the waypoint function. That way you tell skyvector which ones to plot. Hope that helps.


Thanks I saw that at the side but does it tell you if they are vor etc as I want to input it into a fms,also never saw Q866 so I don’t know if airport weather station etc. love seeing the actual flight plans, and how the plans are different in certain days and times of day


In Joel Wiley’s route above, Q866 and J85 are airways, specifically high-altitude airways (aka jet routes. If you plug that route into Skyvector and switch to the “Word Hi” layer ( … A:V.K7.AMG), you’ll see where the airways appear. Note that Q866 runs from from IKLAX to SYR, and similarly J85 runs from SPA to AMG.

So in that particular case, having the airways in the route is kind of redundant since the route includes them by default even if only the intersections/VORs are considered. Or, put another way, Q866 and J85 aren’t actually waypoints, they’re routes between waypoints.


thanks I plugged into sky vector the info and I see the route which is great. In flight aware if i click show waypoints there are tons on little waypoint dots. I am trying to fly the actual route on a sim and trying to learn FMS and autopilot. When I do FMS i can put in the airport codes but need to specify vor, or the other types of waypoints and was hoping I could see the accent and decent altitudes at the different waypoints