Route question from an ignorant newbie


Hi all,

I only recently discovered this site… thanks for a wonderful resource!
Also, apologies if this question has been answered before (I couldn’t find anything when searching), or if it is in the wrong forum.

Are there any websites where one can decode route information the way one can decode METARS etc?

A friend is flying from FAOR to KJFK and the route - 3600N 06000W MARIG BERGH L459 OWENZ CAMRN - looks like gibberish to me. Could someone please explain what it means, and point me to any online resources that would help me decipher other routes?

Thank you,
Bill (who is not an aviator)


Go to this SkyVector website and on the top left click on “Flight Plan”.
Put in “MARIG BERGH L459 OWENZ CAMRN” and hit Add :slight_smile:


If you add the origin airport code at the front and the destination last, it should give the entire flight path.


Thank you, mtnbiker2005 and joelwiley!

At least now it makes a little more sense to me.