planned atc routes?

Is there a way to show the planned atc routes before the flight departs? I’m trying to use this website to show my planned atc route on my phone, in the aircraft before we depart- that way, I can see how my planned route around weather will look before I depart. If not available here, does anyone know where I might be able to find it?


You can see the route we expect you to receive by mousing over the “Scheduled” text in the activity log (which may not work so well on mobile), but we don’t plot it against current weather yet.

You may want to try SkyVector (, which will allow you to input any route and will plot it against VFR sectional charts.

You’ll have to put in every waypoint b/c SV doesn’t know what Jet Routes and Victor airways are. Oh, and SV has no clue what SIDs and STARs are. Other than that, SV is awesome.

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I have manually typed into a text file the waypoints for the STARs I use, and it works perfectly to just copy and paste them whenever needed. It would be neat if their service would offer the option to select a STAR based upon the arrival airport you input, and then automatically plot it. However, this isn’t their forum.

My first officer had a program installed into his palm that showed the filed atc route overlayed on a current weather chart. It was pretty awesome.

You could see on our original route that we were going to clip some weather. But, when we got our reroute from atc- it went perfectly around all the cells. Nice thing is that there was little inputing on his part and it updated almost instantly. Just too bad it’s for the palm and not PPC. :frowning:

It is interesting how ATC does that. They are pretty accurate as well. One that was surprising to me was this flight: … /KMSP/KAZO