Track log position


Something that would definately add a bit of ease of understanding of the data in the track log would be to link the position information up with NAVAIDs - and display the NAVAID name as opposed to the lat/long, when the aircraft passes within a given tolerance (to account for the fact that the position report might not coincide with the position of the NAVAID) of the NAVAID.

Amazing service - I can’t believe it’s free!

Greg Phelan


Something like this is in the works. Soon we will have hyperlinks for the navaids in the routes, and airway/navaid overlays on the maps. The tracklog will likely remain lat/long, just as we receive them from the FAA.


I’ve always thought it would be nice to at least see VORs on the route maps and airport activity map (the latter most desired). I found a thread where it was promised to come, the message dated Nov 05.

Are you any closer to implementation?

Thanks… Love the Site!

Dan Downs KCRP