Nassau General Aviation

If you happen to find yourself at the Nassau Airport in the Bahamas, be forewarned.
there is FOD all over the general aviation ramp. My FO and I spent 30+ minuets picking up used safety wire NAILS, drywall screws and we even found the blade to a knife. I called the Airport and someone came out and took a report but regardless it is BAD on the GA ramp.

Thanls for the report.

Sad to say it’s not the first time it’s happened when the natives get riled over something and want to make a point about how they don’t really need tourists.

Yeah, right!

The only people that use the GA ramp are locals and 135 island to island, 99.9% of the transient traffic use the FBO’s.
I HATE landing in Nassau, it takes FOREVER to get cleared and you can forget about a quick turn. It takes 2 hours every time I land there. worse then Kingston Jamaica

We use Executive Flight Support at MYNN and have never had a problem. They always have taken good care of us with no fuss or no muss.

Don’t get me wrong EFS does a good job BUT if you need a quick turn IE air ambulance. good luck.

I dunno… They’ve given us leisurely (on our part) QT’s in :45. Franz and his crew have been great to us.

I digress- My post was about FOD on the GA ramp. The FBO ramp is clean