N976UA to OPF?

Anyone know what is going on with this aircraft, is it heading to some foreign country?


Chances are probably higher it is a last flight before meeting the cutting torch. Lot of that at OPF.

My thinking was that if they were going to chop it up they would do it at VCV. I assume that it has been sitting since it was retired from UAL. Seems like a lot of work to get it airworthy and fly it down there to get chopped up, maybe someone else will chime in. Maybe someone at OPF and snap a photo.

I’ve never heard of any UA airplanes being parted at OPF. It’s been at VCV for over 4 years so ther’e been plenty of time to dispose of it there; my guess would be it’s got a new lease of life with a new operator. Hope so.

According to this photo, it has been in storage for quite some time.


If they are going to chop it up, why not just fly across the valley to Mojave, or even out to Pinal? Would save a lot of fuel and crew time.

The FAA registry shows the registration is pending in Miami. It also has a second owner named Air One LLC with an application date 6/23/11

There is a note saying that 976UA may not be suitable for flight.

Air One LLC is listed as the owner of Piper PA34 N8047J in the registry. It also has the same address as the “registration pending” name of N976UA.

Very weird, this aircraft has been stored for a long time (probably 10 years) and hasn’t had engines for at least 5.

If this Air One LLC wanted a 737-200 to fly there must’ve been better options out there and I don’t understand why you’d put engines and make it ferryable on it just to fly it to OPF to part out.