N858PJ Phoenix Suns???


Sitting at FBO at Reno Tahoe International - Has large Phoenix Suns Logo on tail.


N858PJ is en route to Carlsbad, CA, where it is based. It’s registered to SWVP Management Co., San Diego. SWVP manages real estate in the San Diego market.

There is a connection to the Suns. It is via Western Alliance Bancorporation of Las Vegas. An SEC filing by WAB states

SWVP Management Co. Inc. and Western Alliance were parties to a Consulting Agreement dated as of January 1, 2003, pursuant to which consulting fees were paid to SWVP. Robert Sarver, our Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer owns SWVP” and

Mr. Sarver also is the managing partner of the entity which owns the Phoenix Suns NBA basketball team.

So, it turns out, you have a good find. I love doing internet research like this. :slight_smile:

[An added note: Flight tracking indicates this is a plane for top management, not a team transport plane.]


Hey thanks a bunch for the info - One of our airport OPS officers took a couple of pics if you would like them I can email them to you - Kind of a neat looking plane


I’d enjoy seeing pictures of the plane. I sent you my e-mail address in a ‘PM’.