Does anyone know who this Challenger 604 belongs too?


N828KD is belongs to, as indicated on its tracking page, by Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee.

Perhaps you mean who *operates *the aircraft?

Don’t know.

To the old timers out there who are probably moaning and bitching because “there I go again” because I gave a sarcastic answer: Tough! If someone is going to make me refer back to the subject line to figure out what he’s talking about (“Does anyone know who this Challenger 604 belongs too?” rather than being courteous and repeating the item in the body of the message (“Does anyone know who Challenger 604 N828JKD belongs too?”) then I can be sarcastic.


The Operator is a company out of Barbados, Interamericana Trading Corp…


You have to be a good sleuth to figure it out. Google the number and see what comes up. Sometimes a picture on Airliners.net will list the operator’s name. If you can figure out where it’s based and where it goes you might be able to put 2+2 together. The tail number might offer a clue.


83CW is registered to North Pacific in Issaquah WA. It’s a G-V and one of the largest companies in the Seattle area with HQ in Issaquah is Costco Wholesale Corp = CW and they were founded in 1983.


A good detective or just have a subscription to AMSTAT…