N78X 1949 Gruman Widgeon


The subject aircraft was fully rebuilt in the late eighties.
I know exactly where she is now but am looking for another photo of her.
8) Bob.


I found this

images.google.com/imgres?imgurl= … 8%26um%3D1


The actual link to the aircraft is at flyinghigher.net/grumman/N78X.html

(The link given above is the Google link; the way to get to the actual picture is to click on the “remove frame” link then click on N78X which is found by scrolling down a little bit and looking on the left hand side).


Thanks guys,
Lovely to see.
I was involved in the rebuild basically as the partner looking after the finances and trying to keep the weasels out of the wood pile.
It was a story and a half of deceit and fraud that just went on and on.
You should see the list of warrants that came out of that lot.
Obviously, our efforts have provided a sound aircraft to the current owner.
Nice to see she still flies. I will over to look it up in the foreseeable future and perhaps to visit the owner.