N151G Thunder Mustang crash caught on video - pilot okay!!!


N151G Thunder Mustang suffered a mechanical problem and crashed attempting an emergency landing in Reno over the weekend - the pilot gave the thumbs up after climbing from the wreck!!

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Click Here for Video (click to enlarge to watch).

More photos

Photo link corrected . . . above.


Your photos link directs to the Daily Mail story from your other post. :slight_smile:


IMHO, they should quit racing those mustangs and other vintage aircraft.
I know an emergency landing could’ve happened anytime, but still, don’t increase your chances of a crash. . .




Most warbirds flying today are complete rebuilds, very little is original. In fact the only original part on some of them is the data plate, which is the only thing required in order to certify the aircraft. If they have an original data plate, they can build an entirely new aircraft as long as they use the original plans and specs. Many of the warbirds (especially the Mustangs) were built this way.


Oh, okay.

I figured some were rebuilds, but I thought most were original. . . :unamused:



More photos Corrected photo link.


This is a new kit aircraft. Not a rebuild, but a new material “replica” aircraft.



In the case of the T-51, it is actually not even a full size mustang. It is a kit designed to resemble a P-51, but at 3/4 scale. Explains why in other photos the pilot looks so large sitting in it.


This is correct.