N780PV 1121 Jet commander

Hi , im searching info about 1121 Jet Commander construction number 36

Delivered to International Milling Co , January 1966 as N1121M
Sold to International Multifoods Corp , march 1975
Sold to Peavey Co July,21.1976 , re regd N730PV

Im missing information from 1976-1988.
Who owned the aircraft in this period ?
When was the date that the aircraft was re regd N780PV ?

Im also searching for any pictures from this aircraft.

A lot of info can be found on the FAA website if it was registered in the US the entire time. You might also call FlightAware…

Thanks, but its hard to find out any info regarding the aircraft on FAA.
The registered file on N780PV does not tell anything about owner , when it got that reg,Which date the aircraft was airworthy etc etc.

The aircraft flew in USA all time from 1966-1988 until it was deregistred may.1988


Looks like she’s seen better days…Ouch!

f-104.net/cockpit/jet.commander/ … 2006…html

A little speedtape, a little bondo, good as new!

Looks like a project plane. Maybe they’re a msfs enthusiast building the ultimate gaming console.

Looks like a project plane yes.!
Needs some love and care and a bit maintenance to be as good as new.
But it wont fly anymore ,unfortenlately.
Would be great to use as a flightsimulator maybe?
This aircraft was scrapped february,17.1999 but the nose section is the only remaining parts today.
Well the engines and some other parts , are preserved at a Technical School.

The aircraft you are trying to find was owned by me in 1982 and again in 1985. The N number was still 1121M. www.conairjet.com