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Historical Aircraft Registration

Hi, I’m trying to find some historical data on the dates that aircraft were owned by a particular owner. I have the tail numbers and the owners name but I’m unable to determine the dates of ownership. The time frame I am looking for is 1975 through 1985. The owner was my father who recently passed away so this will be for a memorial I’m working on. Any advice of where to search would be helpful. The FAA records on line at least don’t seem to go back that far.

Thank you.

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If you live near or can make the trip to Oklahoma City, and COVID wasn’t a thing or goes away soon, you could actually make an appointment with the FAA’s Aircraft Registration Branch to gain access to the Public Documents Room and peruse the family jewels in person. However, because COVIDS doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon, you may be better off contacting them via email or phone. I’ve never interacted with that particular branch, but everything I’ve heard from those who have indicate that the folks who pickup the phones are fantastic to work with. Here’s the link: