This aircraft is owened by Honeywell. Can someone please check this flights tracking and tell me why its flight patterns are so irratic. It’s a very interesting plane. I figure they are doing some type of experiments or something. N757HW

It’s used for research and testing. If you look at the registration data (click on “registration” next to the flight ID) you’ll see that the aircraft is certified in experimental category.

Here’s the link to the aircaft’s flights: flightaware.com/live/flight/N757HW

Here’s some pictures of the aircraft at jetphotos.net, flightglobal.com, and bangaloreaviation.com.

The aircraft is used for testing and research of aircraft engines. Hoenywell has created a mount on the upper forward right hand side of the fuselage. They go out and fly, sometimes for many hours while running the mounted test engine to collect data in a “real world” environment.

hey, thanks for the response. It’s an amazeing plane to track for sure. Is there just the one pod on the starboard side, that’s what it looks like.

Yes. Here’s what it looks like without an engine mounted to it.


Here’s a shot of it with a HTF7250 test engine mounted. This engine is to power the new Gulfstream G250.


I’ll bet Capt Sully could have used that setup.

“Cactus 1549 declaring an emergency. Returning to the airport on one engine. the little one!”

747GE is General Electrics flight test 747. It does the same type of in flight testing out of VCV.