N64DH Sabreliner?

Can anyone share anymore info about this aircraft/its crew/its operator? Its been flying out of here recently and it has some of the best take-offs I’ve seen. 90 degree rolls and everything.


Their mission statement says “Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality facilities, engineering and technical assistance available to support advanced aircraft systems development.”

The Sabreliner in question is in the experimental category.

The FAA registry shows the following aircraft registered to Sunshine:
N-Number Serial Number Manufacturer Name Model
20259 17261136 CESSNA 172M
231VC 35520 CESSNA 310
265SC 282-117 NORTH AMERICAN NA-265-40
271MC 31-175 PIPER PA-31-310
3606T B30 BEECH 100
40GT 282126 NORTH AMERICAN NA-265-40
64DH 282-52 NORTH AMERICAN NA-265-40
99801 BA-760 BEECH H-18S