N10TM King Air B-90 engines fail 1/2 mile from airport





"Linda Turner called the pilot a hero: “He saved my family.”

Wow, if they really ran out of fuel, or flew with gauges trouble, or wondered about fuel levels 20 minutes into the flight as the article suggests, I think that Linda Turner should say: He almost killed my family! Let’s wait for the NTSB results.


I’m amazed there isn’t more airframe damage considering it flipped over a car!


No post crash fire… Hmmmmmmmmm! :blush:


Waiting for a reporter to say something stupid like…

“Well Bob, these folks are very lucky thing there was no fuel on board. That was the key in preventing a post crash fire. Back to you in the news room.”

“Thank you Kelly. Kelly Smith from the scene of todays plane crash.”

Now some witty banter with his partner.

“I wonder Susan, if the plane had had fuel would it have made the airport?”

Ya you guys, I bet if it had fuel not only would it have made the airport and NOT crashed. Maybe the lack of fuel caused the crash.


My thought exactly. Short of actively turning the fuel/engines off, I can’t think of ANY other reason for two turbos to stop running other than running the tanks dry.


Well, thank God he ran out of fuel, cause if he hadn’t that crash might have been much worse!

:unamused: :stuck_out_tongue:


If he din’t run out of fuel, the crash would have never happened and he would have landed on the runway. To run the tanks dry during a commercial flight with passengers on board is unexcusable. It will be interesting to hear the radio communications between the pilot and controllers to find out how this emergency was handled and if the fuel was the reason, in what sequence and at what time the engines quit.


Ya think???


mboette, yes, I think. Unless you know more than anybody else and he crashed for a totally different reason. As I said, let’s wait for an NTSB foundings. The good news is the pilot is OK and will be able to shed some light on what happened.


dandulava, as you were pointing out the obvious…I sense a wiff of sarcasm in mboette’s comment… :wink:


yea!!! someone gets it!


OK guys, focus here. This is what mboette wrote:

“Well, thank God he ran out of fuel, cause if he hadn’t that crash might have been much worse!”

I found that statement amazing. To thank God for running out of fuel so when he plummets to the ground due to a fuel starvation, he doesn’t burn? Here I “think” it is better to have fuel and land on the runway.

Then mboette reacts: “Ya think???” No reason to get upset. Just keep thinking. I don’t know if mboette is a pilot, but I would thank God for running out of fuel only if I suffered a catastrofic mechanical failure on both engines due to unbelievable circumstance, because those turbines don’t fail together in the same time especially during low power settings and low rpms. Another reason to thank God for running out of fuel would be the case of being shot down while flying King Air, since I never carry a parachure in these machines, and would have to sit in them until I crash land.

Hence my question … does mboette know more than I do? I thought he just ran out of fuel. You need fuel to think.


Nobody’s “upset”…and the "focus" here is sarrrcasssmmmm…


Avatar, how do you know what mboette meant? Is Avatar the same guy as mboette? :slight_smile:
Anyway, the “focus” here is on a seriousness of an aircraft accident, its causes and future prevention. Let’s leave it that way.


:question: It must be PUI weekend… :confused:


Jesus dude, it was a sarcastic comment!

Oh and yeah I am a pilot, thank you very much.


Who the heck is Avatar? Man your only 12 post in calm down, you reallyl don’t want to make a name for yourself.


Maybe they don’t have sarcasm where Dandulava is from !