N-number search bug


When searching through your N-number section under resources I got this:
Airport Activity > Unknown Airport (INVALID)

Seems like the linking is to the wrong search.


Yeah, I’ve noticed this before.
Mark, I thought you fixed this?


Mark’s busy right now. He is helping the other guys at FA build an ark…


Anyone have a link to the previous thread on this or more details? I don’t understand what page is sending you to the error.


discussions.flightaware.com/view … =resources

Go to resources.
There are two input fields. One says "Browse By State or Airport code."
The other says “Aircraft N Number”.
Put any N-number in the second box and click on "Aircraft registration"
It comes up with INVALID, because the query is mistakenly searching the airport database instead of the aircraft database.


Thanks James… looks like just a button issue, I’ll see when I can get it fixed.


Spoil-sport! :wink:


OK, this keeps getting more convoluted.

Mark, the Registration field works now. Fantastic.
Now the “Airport” field doesn’t work right.

Put ANY airport in the airport box and press enter.
It goes to the “INVALID” registration page.
Put ANY airport in the “Airport” field and click the associated button. (“airport information”)
It goes to the “INVALID” registration page.
BUT, if you put an airport code in the field, and then press the “AIRCRAFT REGISTRATION” button it will go to the correct airport info page.

Very strange.


It seems to be fixed now. I’m using Firefox. Also tested fine on Opera and Safari (PC version), and Internet Explorer 6.


I actually heard from one of the developers tonight that it was just fixed, but I haven’t gotten around to testing it yet. Thanks dami.

James, let me know if your issue has been resolved.