my project


Dear Sir/Madam,

                               I am BSc Aircraft Engineering student of Perth College, Perth, Scotland, UK. I am doing one Project Regarding Comparisons of Two engines. My project title is, Comparisons between Airbus A319/320/321 with Rolls- Royce V2500 engine and Boeing 737-300/400 and classic with CFM56-3 Engine. As part of my project I am gathering all the information from different companies and different Engineers, those who are working on these engines. I welcome all the informations, form all  engine workshop engineers. Please kindly support my project and send me information as much as you can.

My main comparison is :
Maintenance wise,
Cost wise,
Performance wise,
Regular defects wise,
Defer defects wise, and etc.
If possible send some pictures,
Hope, I will be supported by your information.
Thanking you