Information help on Graduate studies concering aviation info


Hi I am new to the discussion board and new to the flying world and looking for information. I am a graduate student in Wichita, KS (Aviation capital of the world) and I am doing a project for an International Marketing class. My classmate and I selected to do a project on the C510 Mustang Jet. Our project is to do a Market Analysis on France and Italy concerning a Jet charter service utilizing the C510. Along with a charter service we are looking to provide service in the pilot mentering program for pilots looking to get pass there 25hr restriction. Thirdly, we are looking to provide a accelerated service in pre-course flight training in the C510.

So I am looking for some help in establishing:
1.) How many C510 N registered aircraft are there in Europe?
2.) How many N registered aircraft are there now in Europe compared to 10 years ago (Needed Market Analysis info)
3.) How many C510 pilots FAA rated in Europe?

Any information all that view this call for help on research would be greatly appreciated.