My FlightAware > My Airports


Looks like you have this new feature up, at least partially.

I had listed two airports in my profile: C17 KCID. Neither one was showing in My FlightAware>My Airports. When I reversed the order to: KCID C17, then KCID shows up but get “FlightAware has encountered an unrecoverable error and is unable to process your request at this time…” message at the bottom of the page. Apparently C17 is making it puke. It’s a small, non-towered airport without any IAPs, but it does show up properly on the View Airport Activity query.

Not seeing any activity yet for KCID, so not really sure what’s supposed to be happening there. Perhaps the feature is not completely rolled out yet and I’m jumping the gun… Bruce


Hi, Bruce.

Good catch. The “My Airports” feature is still in the works and was accidentally released to Charter Members even though (as you can tell) it doesn’t completely work yet.

We’ll get it squared away soon and in production.