Muskegon Memories


When I was a kid, my mother and I would fly yearly to our summer property in western Michigan. Normally, we’d take a big airline from SAN to ORD, connecting with Air Wisconsin (back when it had it’s own colors) to get to Muskegon County Airport in Michigan. Then make the drive to Ludington.

However, I remember one year in the mid-80’s, we flew a different carrier from ORD to Muskegon. Smaller planes than the Dash 7s. I’m thinking F-S Metroliners, but could be wrong. I do remember the pilot saying “Bless you” when my mother sneezed on the flight. :slight_smile:

Anyhow, are any of you airport historians? Might you remember this airport back in the 80’s, and other carriers besides AW that would fly there during this era? I’d just be curious to look up the airline. I love nostalgia.


These are only guesses based on airlines operating Metro’s out of ORD, but maybe Eagle or Britt? I dunno if either served MKG but they both had SWMs. Also Lakes flew in there (although later probably) with 1900s and possibly Beech 99s.


I don’t believe that Air Wisconsin ever flew to Muskegon. In my 1968 OAG Muskegon was served by North Central convair 580s and United 737s. In 1977, the same two airlines, except now North Central flew DC-9s in there, too. By 1982, Muskegon was seved by Midstate Airlines, which flew Swearingen Metroliners (19 seats). In 1991, it was American Eagle and Mesaba, as well as the Midwest Express commuter. Now I believe it is just the Delta commuter and United Express. But I believe the memory you have is of Midstate Airlines. They even had a pilot domicile in Muskegon for a while.


Actually, I flew AW several times from ORD to Muskegon. Very vivid memories of flying, and loving, their Dash 7s. This was early to mid-80s. Maybe 80-85?

But you nailed it with Midstate. Thanks! I knew it was MidSomething. It was annoying me!


Ah, yes. The convair 580’s of North Central. The ole “blue goose”. Now those I remember from Grand Rapids to Benton Harbor (when they had service) and GR to Chicago, and GR to Muskegon.