1970's Aircraft Question

To begin with, I’m new here. So I hope this is the right forum.

In 1973, when I was 12 yrs old, my family flew from New Orleans to Philly, and if I remember right it was on Delta. Is there any way to guess-timate what type a/c I was on? I’m thinking either a DC-8 or 727, but just can’t remember that far back.

Thanks for any help you might offer.

According to this timetable from March 1, 1973, if you were on the Nonstop flight 518, it was a DC-9.


Can you describe the airplane? How many engines? Where were the engines mounted (on wings, tail and/or rear fuselage)?

What was the date of the flight? If you don’t have a specific date, could you narrow it down to a month or a season?

Also, do you remember if the flight originated at MSY or elsewhere? Did it continue on to JFK after PHL? The timetable reference above for DAL518 shows the flight routing DAL-Alexandria (ESF)-Baton Rouge (BTR)-MSY-PHL-JFK.

Disclaimer: While we may be able to find the scheduled equipment, it is possible that another aircraft was substituted for the scheduled equipment. You could have ridden on a 727 or (less likely) a DC-8.

That’s a Great Site. I found my actual flight the first time I went to Guam for the Navy.

Flight 841 departing at 2100 and arriving at 03:50 + 2 (2 days later with International date line) we actually arrived at 8am as our stop over in Hawaii we had to change planes because of mechanical issues. We waited for a replacement 747 out of San Fran that was dispatched as soon as the issue was known in flight 1/2 way to Hawaii. We left on Wednesday evening and arrived Friday Morning.

Course it was fun coming back as I arrived back in the USA 2 hours before I left :slight_smile:.

Check this site for older timetables: timetableimages.com/
Fantastic site!

Very helpful site. Thanks, drdisque. I DO remember it was a non-stop, because I was amazed that we could fly that far without “stopping for gas”. So a DC-9 seems the most likely candidate.

Thanks for everyone else’s help, too.

Very cool site! Found the timetable for National, which I used to fly on frequently! Loved converting their miles into points to be used at the Buffets at the Rio or any Harrah’s in the country. They had a 1:1:1 ratio, which was really cool, and why I preferred them when I could. At any of their casinos, 1 point = 1 FF mile = $1. So if I earned 30 points on my Rio or Harrah’s club card, I could have those either cashed out or converted to 30 FF miles on my National Airlines card. And at that time they had $17 each way from Vegas to LAX, it was a steal, plus earned points back for flying with them.

Didn’t help that if you flew them cross country, they’d offer you a free night in Vegas if you stopped over. Very cool airline. Miss them.


For you youngsters here, the National that BL is talking about is the airline that bought the National name. The real National Airlines was just as interesting.

The airline’s president was Lewis Maytag, Jr., of the washing machine fame.

Among their more interesting ad campaigns was the “Fly Me” one. They named many of their aircraft with females names. The tag line in the ad would be along the lines of “Fly Me. Fly National.” There’s also a line in the video below that says “fly my 2 747s”.

They also had a “take me” campaign just before they merged with Pan Am.

“Airline of the Stars”