Great Lakes or (Great Mistakes)

How many times has Great Lakes ruined your vacation or trip???

:unamused: :unamused: :unamused:

Zero times.

Of course, I haven’t flown on them either. :smiley:

Well your pretty lucky-flying back from illinois from KDEN-KDIK They were delayed and then the right engine would not start. 1 hr. later got new plane taxiing 2 rny. and oriental lady boards wrong plane thinks a EMB 120 is going from denver 2 atlanta then arrive at dickinson and plane leaves 4 williston with our luggage still onboard!

I think this whole paragraph is “oriental”…or greek

I like looking at the Great Lakes on the way by, but I can’t say they have ruined any trips… :laughing:

Every winter, I hated Great Lakes living downstream in Ohio :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm your from springfield i use to live in decatur and do you know anything about the new gaitros aviation?

I once lost a good pair of fishing boots in Lake Michigan.

Hopefully not ice fishing! :open_mouth: :stuck_out_tongue:

Getting back on the topic, you need to realize that this happens with all airlines, not just Great Lakes. Even Southwest has the occasional problem.

Was this the only time you’ve flown Great Lakes? If not, how did they treat you in the past?

I tell you what - I’d like to see the Great Lakes on my flight but they sure would ruin my trip! Just what the hell is the pilot doing flying by the Great Lakes on my flight along the west coast? :slight_smile:

Just pretend you are looking at one of the Great Lakes the next time you take off from OAK.

No I’ve flown with them several times once my mom was at a meeting in billings and coming back home on great lakes and one of the pilots wasnt there!! so she had 2 wait till the next day-and they cant fly with only one pilot.

They fly to my hometown KMCK, from KDEN, under the Essential Air Service program. McCook Airport Board suggested they use sea port airlines since prices are high and they had several flight canceled due to maintenance issues.

City Council decided to stick with Great Lakes. We’ll see what the Feds think.

Yea so are we and I bet we average about 30-40 flights a month and average passenger count per month is about 30!

I had to do a double take since your numbers added up to 1 passenger or less per flight, but now looking at the airport, I see why!

I am surprised you get that many passengers :stuck_out_tongue:

KMCK only gets air service because of the Essential Air Services (EAS).

A few passengers a day at EAS airports is not unusual. Yet the flights are profitable for the carrier because they are highly subsidized by through the EAS.

Great Lakes currently provides 12 weekly nonstop flights using twin turboprop Beechcraft 1900-D aircraft from McCook to Denver International Airport. SeaPort has proposed 18 weekly flights using PC-12 pressurized single-engine turboprop aircraft that seats nine.

Mayor Berry said the council needed to look at enplanements when deciding on an airline service. Passenger counts at McCook’s airport averages between three and five passengers per day. If the passenger counts do not increase, he said, McCook may not be able to stay with subsidized air service due to the higher price per passenger.

Once again, a government program that started out with good intentions yet all it does is waste money.

Very True! As I witness the same here with Seaport and thier new found money with the EAS program.

I don’t have a problem with McCook being under the EAS. Only because its 4 hours from Denver or roughly 3.5 hours from Lincoln or 4 hours from Omaha.

I place the blame for lack of passengers on McCook and Great Lakes. If they flew to Omaha or Lincoln especially during college football season, or at least tried to figure out how to lower prices. I think passenger count would be different.

I also think McCook needs to start bringing more businesses in.

I do think there’s waste in the EAS program. But its where two airports are receiving the subsidy yet they’re either close to each other or to another airport.

Also Great Lakes receives about 65-67 million dollars in EAS money.

Neither Omaha or Lincoln are airline hubs. EAS requires service to a hub city.