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Moving to End of Long Topic


I might be missing something obvious here but appreciate some comments.

Some of the topics are long and a few years old. If I just join a topic I seem to join at first message, that is fine but if, for example, the discussion is about updates it may be beneficial to view more recent messages. Some of the threads can be 100+ messages, can one jump to ‘last’ message without scrolling?

Similarly if you click on a notification you are taken to that message, again if it is a long thread it could be beneficial to read the first message, can this be done, again without scrolling?


The Home and End buttons work fine for moving in a long thread.

Also you can move the slider on the side.

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Home and End buttons, never even considered them though use them within programs.

The slider bars I’ve still found a bit clumsy for threads around 100+

Thanks for suggesting Home & End, that will be useful.


Not the scroll bar in the browser, the very light blue bar on the right side of the page.
You can also click the time notation there.
For the Signal Strength Heatmap it says “Jul 31” and “18h ago”.

Signal Strength Heatmap

Oh you can also modify the last number in the address bar, it’s the index of the post you are viewing in the current thread.
The thread linked above has 194 posts, you can modify that number to get to the corresponding post.

Blimey, I’m getting embarrassed now missing all those options :sunglasses: