Having a little trouble with modesdeco2 it is decoding ok but there are no registrations showing up either on the map and the stats.

Does anyone gat a solution to my problem

I am using flightaware pro stick with the separate filter.

I have used modeSDeco2 for trial some times ago then removed it.
Today to replicate your problem, I downloaded modeSDeco2 and run it again on my Windows 8.1, and found it is not showing registration numbers.
I Googled and found solution. To keep everything in one thread, I have posted it here:

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you need the basestation.sqb database
and to add to the command line a similar string
where /xdeco/DB is the folder for bs.sqb (basestation), fr.sqb (flightroute.sqb)
and subfolders for /silhouettes and /pictures.
sometimes there is a delay, so clear browser cache and reload the page.

modeSdeco, modeSmixer and acarsdeco at
[ModeSDeco2 and ModeSMixer2 - console programs for RTLSDR and transcoding]

–db /xdeco/DB/bs.sqb --frdb /xdeco/DB/fr.sqb --silhouettes /xdeco/DB/silhouettes/ --pictures /xdeco/DB/pictures/