Registration numbers not displayed in SkyAware

I got my first Pi yesterday, a Pi 3 B+ and installed PiAware 6.0 on it from the image file (which since was upgraded to version 6.1.) I notice that the registration column in my SkyAware page is empty for most aircraft listed while the Ident column is usually populated. I also run VirtualRadarServer on my PC using dump1090-fa on the Pi as its receiver and it’s showing the registrations. I can click back and forth on both browser tabs and it’s like “now you see it, now you don’t” for the same planes. Does anyone know why PiAware isn’t showing them?


VirtualRadarServer is getting the information from it’s own database, the information can be diferent.

To elaborate a little, aircraft do not transmit registration info, it needs to be looked up on the receiver side, SkyAware and VRS are using different databases for this.

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That explains it. Thanks.

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