Flightfeeder SkyView

With my new Flightfeeder from Flightaware I notice that when I expand the Skyview sidebar that I have very few if any registrations showing for the aircraft I am receiving. Is there a database that needs to be attached to the receiver software? If I click on a flight of interest in Skyview that has no registration showing Flightaware opens a web page where the registration and type are displayed! Go figure.

Skyview does include the hexid/registration/type mappings that we’re able to release to the public. ZK- coverage is going to be fairly spotty though as that doesn’t include data from the NZ CAA (I took a quick look just now, and the bulk data exports available from the CAA don’t appear to include Mode S addresses)

When you click through to the FA website, the flight information there includes additional data sources, e.g. flightplan information from the ANSP that can include registration/type information, which we merge with the raw ADS-B data on a per flight basis.

@obj I’ve been in contact with the NZ CAA suggesting that they include the Mode-S code in hexadecimal format in the zip file they produce. They are amidst a project to improve their information areas and will put forward the suggestion to the project team. Hopefully at some point in the future the hex code will turn up in the registration data the public can download.

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