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Database location and structure

Might someone be kind enough to send me a link to or a copy of the Database that piaware uses please?
I am especially interested in how flightaware updates the adsb hex code to registration tie ups, and how they deal with the plethora of miscodes that exist .

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The database is in https://github.com/flightaware/dump1090/tree/master/tools ; it is a static export of a subset of FlightAware’s internal registration/type database (essentially, the parts of it that we’re permitted to redistribute). We update the export for each dump1090/piaware release (roughly). Not sure if that answers your question.

Your link gives an error 404, i assume due to the special character at the end.

Yep, it picked up the semicolon. Fixed.

Thanks, only just managing to check this out but the link just times out…appears the dump1090 folder on github is having issues…does it still exist?

No problems accessing the link here.

Bizarre that, tried it in a different browser and all fine…bloody technology
so how can I open an .xv file? I can find no way of doing so.

finally managed to find out how to extract them, but all they contain are basic aircraft info.
I am after the raw data that the SBS hardware stores the info it receives. I presume it would include hex, time, long/, lat, speed, heading, alt, that sort of thing.
is there anyway to get hold of a copy of that file please?

Well - you originally asked about the database that piaware/dump1090 uses. That file is the source data that dump1090’s skyaware interface uses for aircraft type, hexid/registration mappings, etc - all the static data associated with an aircraft which is not part of transmitted messages.

If you’re actually looking for dynamic information about currently visible aircraft, then see https://github.com/flightaware/dump1090/blob/master/README-json.md. These json files are generated by dump1090 and read by skyware to generate the local map.

If you’re looking for longer term historical data, you’ll need to capture that yourself; piaware/dump1090 does not record historical data beyond the temporary short-term history contained in the generated json files.

I’m not sure where SBS hardware comes into play; we no longer take data from SBS receivers.

edit: for completeness, to help anyone else with the same question: