Dump1090 Results

Hello There!

I am new to the whole flight tracking hobby. I just setup a RPi3 with PiAware and dump1090. I am curious as to what everything means on both the dump1090 console output (hex, mode, sqwk, hdg, sig, msgs, Ti) as well as the output of the file means (example: MSG,3,111,11111,3C5EF3,111111,2014/07/26,09:41:29.221,2014/07/26,09:41:29.208,36000,XX.63742,XX.82097,0)

I tried searching the forums and cant find anything, but perhaps my search terms were incorrect. I’d like to understand the data coming out of my receiver so I can understand why it is important and what it means.

Thanks for the help!


Here’s a nice guide for the BaseStation format (ascii output of port 30003): woodair.net/SBS/Article/Barebone … t_Data.htm

In terms of importance, what would be the messages that would be worth tracking? I would say it looks like MSG1, 3 and 5 would yield good results, but none of the others. Also, some of my positions yield the combination of 111, or 11111. From a quick search, it means that data was not recorded. Is that the case?

The 111(11…) fields are not used by dump1090, they are placeholders.

What are they (1’s) placeholders for then, and what program would use them? Or basically are you saying that the program puts a 1 in that field if no other data is found?

They are placeholders for fields that the original basestation software filled in, but which dump1090 has no use for.
The fields are only present at all so that programs that expect the basestation-format output operate correctly.