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DUMP1090 data format


I’ve been searching for a detailed description of the data format delivered by DUMP1090 from a DVB-T receiver.
Anyone that can point in the the direction for this information?


Could you please specify which data path you are asking for?

1: From the dongle to dump1090
2: From dump1090 to piaware
3: From dump1090 to the local map / webpage (json data)
4: The data format of the ADS-B messages themselves


The format of ADSB messages themselves is available via Google

When Im connecting to PORT = 30003 ( I believe this is the default port number)
It outputs message of this format
> MSG,7,1,1,4AC953,1,2018/10/11,20:30:22.129,2018/10/11,20:30:22.153,39000,


What is the specification for the data at each comma-point

  • Or where on the web can I find documents offering this detail?


The output on port 30003 is by default the SBS format. (Also called BaseStation)

I’m not familiar with it but i’m sure you can find more information online.

This seems like a good start:


Spot on .,.!
That’s exactly what I was looking for

Thx man


30001 - Inbound - RAW Format

30002 - Outbound - RAW Format

30003 - Outbound - Base station Format

30004 - Inbound - Beast format. No Longer Used??? unless you have it configured manually

30005 - Outbound - Beast format

30104 - Inbound - Beast format


dump1090 can output other data formats as well.

If you want the raw messages as hex strings to decode yourself you can connect to port 30002.


Since we’re on the topic of ports

  • I have not managed to find a port with JSON … or I guess I cannot activate the correct switch on the DUMP1090 SW that enables JSON

Advice and guidance appreciated


JSON is a file on disc, not a port.
The direct ports are the ones listed above.

If you want to send also the MLAT results elsewhere, you can modify where they are sent and the format used:

  # Connect to localhost:30104 and send multilateration results in Beast format.
  # Listen on port 310003 and provide multilateration results in Basestation format to anyone who connects

$ sudo piaware-config mlat-results-format "beast,connect,localhost:30104 basestation,listen,31003"


Check the folder /run/dump1090-fa for a file named aircraft.json
That file is refreshed every second.
You should also find it via the web under:

I’m not sure what you are trying to do but good luck anyway :slight_smile:


There is a brief description of the Beast binary format (emitted by dump1090 on port 30005) here: http://wiki.modesbeast.com/Mode-S_Beast:Data_Output_Formats

Note that the port 30003 SBS format is a “cooked” format - it’s after decoding by dump1090 and doesn’t include the raw data; not all data fields from the original message are present. If you’re interested in the full data then you’ll want one of the raw formats (port 30005 or 30002)


Interesting. The initial error of considering that esc is encoded as 0x1a ( ASCII SUB) instead of ASCII ESC 0x1b was discovered too late and it became part of the Beast “standard”!
So it is not an “escaped” code, it is “substitute” code… :grinning:


This may be of interest:

Exploring Port 30003 and 30106



how can data be ‘intercepted’ (preferably .json) ?
a. before decoder ?
b. after decoder / before feeder ?
c. before ‘aircraft.json’ written to disk ?