What Ports are used by PiAware 2.1.3 - Dump1090


I have done a LOT of research and there is conflicting information as to what ports are used and the way there configured.
So I want to run by the information that I have found to make sure I am on the right page.
http://flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/about This image seems to be outdated as of 9/28/2015 update 2.1.3
It has 2 ports listed that are in use 30004, 30005

30004 is the inbound port listening for mlat information from FlightAware servers.

30005 is an outbound port sending data to, PlanePlotter, Virtual Radar Server, ect. via “Beast-format”

But if you look at the GitHub

30005 is still the outbound port sending data “Beast-format”

30104 is the inbound port listening for mlat information from flightaware server.

30004 is not used

Now the Dump1090 that is packaged with piaware is “mutability/dump1090” in the read me there is no ports listed. So I go back to the program it was forked from “MalcolmRobb/dump1090” and find more ports listed.

30001 inbound port listening for RAW feed information

30002 outbound port sending RAW feed information

30003 outbound port sending Base station-format

So to put this all together.

30001 - Inbound - RAW Format

30002 - Outbound - RAW Format

30003 - Outbound - Base station Format

30004 - No Longer Used??? unless you have it configured manually

30005 - Outbound - Beast format

30104 - Inbound - Beast format

4999-9999 - Outbound- UDP

Piaware 2.1-3 released
IP and Ports for Flight Aware

Yes, this is the default config of Flightaware’s latest dump1090 package. 30104 is a generic Beast-format input port, you can give it things other than mlat.

piaware itself listens on no ports. It connects to piaware.flightaware.com:1200 for feeding data, localhost:30005 for receiving data, and by default it connects to localhost:30104 for returning mlat results. Also, outbound UDP to a port in the range 4999…9999 on whichever FlightAware host it connects to.


Thank you for the Reply OBJ.

I am very new at this and I think that was part of the confusion or learning curve for me. I am going to update the original post with the corrections so others can use it.



is piaware just a relay? passing information back and forth from FlightAware servers to dump1090 and vise versa?


Basically yes - it’s mostly glue code. There are a couple of helper programs (faup1090 to summarize dump1090 output in the form that Flightaware wants, fa-mlat-client to collect raw data from dump1090 for multilateration) and then the main piaware program mostly just handles passing data between the helpers and the FlightAware servers. All of the receiver work happens in dump1090 (or whatever you want to run, actually, so long as it can produce Beast-format data)


Thanks guys.
Based on this i created a Port list setup for SuperScan.
In case anyone else still uses this retro tool:

+,30001,PiAware ADS-B RAW Format IN,,,
+,30002,PiAware ADS-B RAW Format OUT,,,
+,30003,PiAware ADS-B Base station OUT,,,
+,30004,PiAware ADS-B (no longer used?),,,
+,30005,PiAware ADS-B Beast binary OUT,,,
+,30104,PiAware ADS-B Beast binary IN,,,

Also, I think flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/about shows nicely how it works, particular this image, even though not all ports are shown.