MLAT data from PiAware & Flightfeeder 7.X

I have VRS installed in my PC and i would like to add the MLAT data from my PiAware and a friends FF V7.0
Can this be done? how?

I use port 30005 to get the data from my Piaware.
Is the MLAT data available in the same way (in a defined port)
In what port ?

Do Both (PiAware and the new FF V7.X) use the same ports for the data input/output?

You can find the flightfeeder ports here

This is the information that appears on the page…

ADS-B/Mode-S Data Output for Optional Application Integration and Data Feeds

FlightAware ADS-B TSV (TCP Port 10001)
Basic AVR / RAW ADS-B (TCP port 30002)
SBS/Basestation Format (TCP port 30003)

In my FF, i cant get data from port 30001…

What’s the difference between the data on port 30002 and 30005?
which is better?

Non of these ports have MLAT data… I think…

That page is out of date for 7.x

On 7.x try:

30002 for non-mlat data in AVR format
30003 for non-mlat data in Basestation format
30005 for non-mlat data in Beast format
30105 for mlat data in Beast format
30106 for mlat data in Basestation-like format

(those ports are also what piaware is moving towards)

Thanks for the reply…

what’s the difference between these formats?
In you’re opinion, which is better (carries more information, consumes less bandwidth, etc).

I have found some messages saying that BaseStation is a more “human formated” format (and carries a little bit less info)
In VRS it’s the same to use AVR or Beast (which is better?)

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Beat and AVR both carry the raw message data; Beast format carries more metadata (timing info, signal strength)

Basestation carries processed data so you are limited to what can be represented in the format.

Given the choice, use the Beast-format feeds.