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Mobile website version map issue

When I view a flight using the website on l my phone (Firefox on Android 8), the map won’t enlarge and won’t zoom. Tapping it does nothing and there are no controls displayed on it. Why?

Good morning, @BrianL

Could you provide a screenshot of the map?


I looked into this further and determined that in this scenario the lack of zoom functionality is expected as the aircraft is no longer in flight. The mobile web map zoom functionality zooms on the aircraft icon for en route flights. Based on the screenshot you provided, it appears that this flight has landed and is probably taxiing to gate.

Let me know if you have any more questions/concerns!

Why doesn’t it work like the desktop version?
And on the mobile version, even when the flight is active, if you click the zoom button, it only zooms in on the aircraft. You can’t move the map.

On the desktop version, you can zoom in anywhere you want, and whether the flight is active or not.

The desktop site is quite slow on mobile.

You can request it though in most mobile browsers. Via the browsers options.