No Flight Info On Map at 125% Zoom


When I have my screen zoomed in at 125% I get the flight line that the flight took but on the map it doesn’t give the airports it departed and is arrving at anymore. Is this some sort of bug in the system. You guys try tracking a flight at 125% zoom on your computers and see if there is no infomation on the flight on the map.


What browser and version are you using?


Can you post the output of except for your session id?


Internet Explorer 8 i’m using


The fix for this is to zoom out with the orange controls at the top left of the map or to pan by dragging the map itself.


Tryed that its only on 125% zoom that its the little mag glass at the bottom right of yoru web browser i mean.


I understand, but the maps themselves can pan and zoom as well, just like you would on Google Maps.


You had problems with this this before it’s on your end not mine.