flightaware on cell phones


I got myself one of those fancy new phones with internet.I’m having a hard time opening the airport map with the live flights.it will let me click local but nothing happens. Any suggestions? the phone is sonyericsson w580i and I’m through rogers in Canada. I’m wondering if the site recognizes the connection as a phone. I know on my home pc a new window will open up. Any hepl or suggestion would be appreciated! Thanks Dan


Hi Dan, it seems to work on IPhone, although there is a glitch somewhere. I get on the website with no problem and navigate through it exactly the same way as on a desktop computer. But it looks like the tracking is frozen without being updated. I zoom in and look at a target aircraft … no movement. But then, after some time, it goes through an update, but the window zooms out to its original small size. I have to zoom in again and I see the aircraft is in its new position. The elapsed time between updates is 1 min 34 seconds. When the window zooms out, it feels like a glitch. But on the other hand, it is a reminder the data was updated. Let us know what you found out.
Cheers, another Dan


Check out this discussion. LINKIE


still not sure how to open the map…even zooming in it stays the same size. ebay works fine though!