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anything in development for mobile or was use on a blackberry? … 2505#22505

When a mobile client is detected a simplified version of the page it sent. It renders well in both the included browser and Opera on my 8700g.

using BB 8700c. browser & java script pkg = 4.1 bb browser set to execute javascript on html pages. most of the flight aware page displays correctly, but when trying to select the “airline” name the following dialogue box pops up:

You must type in part of an airline name and then select the correct one from the box below the search form.<<

there is no “box below” to select from. doesn’t appear to be one on the entire screen that is readable. i can see 2 boxes for entering the (i assume) the airline name and below is a box labelled “Flight Number”. then there is a execute box labelled “track commerical flight” and below that is a “dont know the flight number” selectable command, and finally below is a black rectancular box. but it is unreadable or selectable.

is there a work around?

Only workaround I can think of is to memorize the airline codes; then you can put the flight number into the Flight/Tail # box.

how does a 8700g differ from an 8700c?? and where do you find opera for a BB?


Just discovered a similiar problem with Safari 2.0.4 (419.3). The airline name selection box is supported by FireFox 2.009

Google with the key words opera and blackberry revealed: … -OperaMini


I believe they’re just different carrier models, AT&T for the c and T-mobile for the g.

Opera can be downloaded from

I was scoping out FA on the 8130 at the Verizon store last night and it rendered awfully. Reports are that Opera doesn’t work well with the 8130. Any thoughts or fixes before I pull the trigger on the purchase?

Could tell you about the 8130, but I have the Verizon BB 8830 and its a great device (works well with FA too). No problems running Opera on it.

I sprang for the 8130 and was able to play with the display font size and default rendering settings enough to make it work very well. The suretype keyboard took less than a day to master. In fact this post was made from the Pearl. Itla smaller than a RAZR & the SPHA900 and blows them both away in terms of functionality. Solid investment thus far.

I had a Verizon Blackberry 8830 and found that the version on FA that loaded on that browser was very functional.

However, my employer just “upgraded” our devices to the Sprint Palm Treo 700wx and the browser seems to load the full version of the FA making it quite difficult to navigate.

Is there a direct URL for the simplified version of FA that worked so splendidly on my Blackberry?

I hope so!! I miss my Blackberry!!!



I tried installing this on my Treo 680. The program needs JVM. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available from Palm, although you can, I believe, purchase it from IBM. Try “websphere micro environment” in Google.

From Article ID: 25539 of the Palm knowledge base.

Support for Java (Websphere Everyplace Micro Environment) for Palm devices

Palm provides email, web and help forum support for the Java J2ME VM client (Websphere Everyplace Micro Environment) for compatible handhelds or smartphones. Telephone support may be subject to a pay-per-incident fee.

Request help.
JVM download for Palm OS devices no longer available from Palm

As of January 12, 2008, Palm no longer has rights to distribute the IBM WebSphere Micro Environment Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to our customers. JVM allows users to install and run Java applications and games on Palm OS devices.

Palm will continue to support the JVM on our website, but we will not be able to offer the JVM download or version upgrades.