FlighthAware issues with Opera browser


Autocomplete does not work on flight tracker in Opera. It will store your recently entered flights, airports, tail numbers in Firefox and IE, but not Opera. Also, the mouse over (to display airport name, plane owner, etc. is a little buggy and needs some work for proper Opera display) Great site. Keep up the great work.


I haven’t noticed anything different when using FlightAware in Opear as compared to Firefox and IE6.

Which version are you using?


i’m using the newest version. 9.02 hover your mouse over a flight number, or airport name, and you will see what i’m talking about. the javascript just doesnt work right with opera. also, opera 9.02 will not remember your previously entered flight numbers, airports, etc, in flight tracker


I don’t see a problem about the mouse hovering over a link. I like the way it shows up as, for example:

Title: New World Jet Corp. "New World"
Address: flightaware.com/live/flight/NWD666

I would like the boxes for the flight number, etc., to remember previous entries. However, that appears to be a problem with Opera. I checked a couple of other sites (Amazon, Google) and the browser didn’t remember previous entries at them either.


I’m gonna do some snooping around after work today, and see if I can find a script for opera that will activate an autocomplete feature, so that it will remember previously entered flight numbers, airports, etc. will post back what i find, if anything.

Yeah, I don’t REALLY have a problem with the way it shows up with the link included, when you hover your mouse over a flight number. I was just reporting that it was different than the way it displays in firefox or IE. The javascript from the site just seems to work a bit differently in opera. not a nuiscence. Just different.

take care and have a great day.