Random Tracking in Opera Browser



This is my first post on the Forum. I recently installed Opera as a browser. I have been trying it out and I’m generally impressed. Now the problem: If I use the random tracking option on FA it will randomly track several flights and then it gets “stuck” on one flight and no matter how many times you choose to randomly track flights it will default back to the flight it is “stuck” on. I cross checked with IE8 to ensure it is not a website issue. It continues to work as designed in IE8. Has anyone else experiences this issue?



Yes same here and I use Opera. Flightaware does not support Opera though so you’ll find a lot of features don’t work properly.


RobK is right but I think we can resolve this particular issue next week.


Thanks. You folks are great. I am impressed with the countless improvements on the site!! I particularly like the new incoming flight feature and the upcoming ability to track AC by registration number.


This should be fixed now.


Wow…it’s working great now! Thanks!! Now, can you come and fix the leaky sink in the downstairs bathroom at my house :wink:


If I knew how to do that, the toilet in my downstairs bathroom wouldn’t be always running. :frowning:




Replace the flapper valve D.

Instructions, and even a video, available on this thing they call the interweb.


Replace the flapper valve D.

That’s what it sounds like. . .


Wait. That was for fixing a toilet? CRAP! My wife is going to be pissed when I take the duct tape off of her mouth…


Ironic I just replaced one in my house this past month. Take the old one to the hardware store. I thought one size fit all, and there are probably 10 flavors of the stupid thing depending on make and model of the commode

Most likely if you use some type of cleaning disk inside that tank, it’s ruining that flapper.


Or is caught under it and preventing the valve from closing fully.