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MLAT on Pi2

Wasn’t sure if replying to a old post was better than starting a new one, but since it warned I will start a new one related to this:

and this: Raspberry Pi2 MLAT problem

Is there any further update to this? I am on kernel #970, I have a fleet of Pi2’s that work fine short of being “stuck” on 4.4.

Those MLAT problems were resolved in later versions. I run dual RTL-SDR (simultaneous dump1090 + dump978) on a Pi 2 Model B Rev 1.1 with PiAware 3.6.3 and MLAT works reliably. The CPU loafs at an average 82% idle. The PiAware 3.6.3 SD card image is based on Raspbian Slack with kernel 4.14.62-v7+.

Ok thanks. I must have another problem because going to the older kernel didn’t resolve the issue. It has been a while since I had deployed on a Pi2 (previous card failed). Appreciate the update.

I assume you downloaded a new image?

What problems are you having? :slight_smile: