MLAT on a FlightFeeder (not PiAware)


Is MLAT supported on FlightFeeders? I’ve seen some documentation that says yes, some that says no, and some that says after v7.0. I received my flight feeder a few days ago; it seems to be on v6.4, and the stats page says “Multilateration (MLAT): Receiver Not Supported” ( … tats-21920 )

How is the SW in a FF updated? Is 7.0 available yet?

7.0 and later support multilateration (though the stats page hasn’t been taught about that yet); this is shipped on the latest FlightFeeders which are just starting to ship now.

Older hardware that is currently on 6.x will get an update to 7.x at some point but I don’t have a date for that yet.

ok, thanks! I received my FF two days ago, but it took about a month for delivery (not at all your fault; the delivery company refused to realize that taxes and duties were covered and kept wanting to charge me…) and so it’s not exactly the latest of the latest :slight_smile:

Waiting patiently…

Silly question: before the FF arrived, I was running dump1090 on an OpenWrt device, and PiAware on a Linux server that had port 30005 forwarded to my dump1090 instance. What would happen if I replaced the dump1090 with the FF box? (so PiAware would get a FF as a source)? Would that work for MLAT?

From memory, 6.x does not provide useful timestamps unfortunately (the hardware can, but the software in 6.x is not set up for it)

Understood. Thanks!