MLAT support on FF 6.4



FlightFeeder v6.4 Not Supported (Minimum v7.0), how do i get the 7.0 version update ?


As of last week, there didn’t seem to be an ETA: post193208.html#p193208

though I wonder what would happen if one installed PiAware on a FlightFeeder. Probably against the TOS, but they did leave a rather easy username/password :slight_smile:


A piaware image won’t work on a FF, they have different radio hardware.


Ah… indeed, the --bladerf option isn’t supported (though I’m starting to wonder a bit about GPL compliance; are the changes to dump1090 for the FlightFeeder published anywhere?)


The bladerf changes are not anywhere public yet. Note that that dump1090 is BSD licensed, not GPL.


My apologies; antirez’s code clearly states BSD, but the mutability version replaced that with GPL.


We will be updating the FlightFeeder software very soon and this will handle MLAT. There is no need to change the device.