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Features request for FA supplied FF box

I’ve been feeding data to FA through their FF box for a few months now and I would like to suggest a few features to be incorporated in the future releases of the software on the box:

  1. Ability to receive raw data from other sources and transmitting merged data (something like VRS?) Instead of showing up as multiple sited on the stats page, it would mean that there is only one site

  2. Range circles on the local page

  3. MLAT! Of course with the support of a USB GPS device.

  4. Reboot/Shutdown from the local page

  5. Last but not the least, wifi support.

#1 TBD

#2 & #3 are coming in the short term.

#4 & #5 this year

That is great news, many thanks for the update!

Is the MLAT network live :question:

FlightAware has launched its multilateration (MLAT) Mode S network for tracking non-ADS-B equipped aircraft. MLAT tracking leverages the company’s ground-station network of 3,000 FlightFeeder Mode S receivers in 100 countries via multilateration of transponder signals.


#1 TBD

#2 & #3 are coming in the short term.

#4 & #5 this year/quote

This is why I’m going to stick with Piaware stock dump1090.
Just received enough equipment to establish a geographically large network and no way will I be able to do on site maintenance of the receivers.
The refinements may be coming a little slow compared to mutability, but I want stability, stability, stability with someone else pushing updates when needed.[/quote]