Missing information from some airlines of my country

Hello, I was trying to get information from Korean airlines but quite a lot of information from non-big Korean airlines was missing.

For example, local Korean airlines such as easterjet, airbusan, Jin air, all of their information was very irregular and often more than a month of data is missing from FlightXML.

The following is few examples I couldn’t find flight information about – there are many more:




Every flight in the list has their flight histories according to Korean government operating flight record site.

Could you explain why the information of these flights is missing?


Are you sure that ESR301 and ESR215 were regularly scheduled flights? Although we have many other flights from ESR, those specific flight numbers are not in the time schedules published by the airline. It may be possible those numbers are non-scheduled flights, such as charter operations or repositioning flights.

If you enable “position-only flights” in your account’s profile settings (flightaware.com/account/manage/) then you can see that we have a couple of flights that operated under those numbers based on the ADS-B positions that we received.

I don’t see anything particularly unusual about ABL8101. We seem to have tracked the last few flights with them fine and we’re showing a couple of future ones as well.