Flights missing in FlightAware / FlightXML

I’m currently watching flight 3225 of Germania (GM3225/GSW3225, 2017-12-15).
As you can see in the screenshot below, Flightradar24 shows me that the flight is currently being carried out by aircraft registration HB-JOI and on it’s way from Pristine to Zurich.

Unfortunately, Flightaware doesn’t give me any information about this flight at all, it doesn’t exist. If I search where HB-JOI is, it shows me that it is in Zurich since 14 hours ago… so also the flight to Pristine is not registered at all.
The issue is not caused by lack of ADS-B receivers, because a flight at the same time with the same route was registered well (

Can someone explain me why these information is not here?
I use FlightXML in a commercial product but the absence of flights worries me.

That flight is visible on our website at however you must be logged in and your account have the “show position only flights” option enabled. Once you enable that setting on your account, you should also be able to view the flight through FlightXML. Its faFlightID is GSW3225-1513314956-1-2-15

Due to the fact that we did not receive a flight plan from that airline, we are only able to show a reconstruction of the flight based on only its ADS-B positions, which is why you need to have that setting enabled.