Missing flights

I have noticed a few of my recent IFR flights have been missing from the history, and not showing up at all while enroute.

Sunday I departed IFR around 12:45pm (PDT) from BFI to DLS. I canceled IFR about 10 mintues before arrival, so perhaps that’s why it doesn’t show in my history?

On 10/2 it shows a flight from MMV to BFI for only 16 mintues. I did cancel once after about that much time, but then air filed a few minutes later with new routing for the rest of my trip to BFI, which doesn’t show.

Also there should be a flight on the afternoon of 10/8 from TTD to BFI that doesn’t show.



This is the same issue as this post. You can expect things to be resolved soon so that doesn’t happen anymore.