Historical Flights Not Showing Up


I just registered and checked the 90 day history for my aircraft (N6512F) and there was only one flight listed. That flight was in late June and I have made other IFR flights since then that don’t appear in the history.

Is there something I am missing?




They should be there, although we’ve had other reports of problems. Can you give me the dates and origin/destination? Since your flights aren’t in the database, we’re going to run through the archived data feed to see what happened to you and the other folks reporting missing data.


I don’t have my logbook with me but an example would be a recent IFR flight from LEX to OWB on 9-9-05.


at least the following IFR flights are missing from the history for N121DA:



One of my flights in N880P, from PAFA to PANC, on 7/16 is not showing up. Are Alaska flights shown? All my IFR flights in N539CH are not showing up; these are in the lower 48. The last was from KVNY to KSMO on 9/10.


I’ve found the problem. Flights that were cleared D-> are not displayed in the history due to a bug. FlightAware is based in Houston and you are never cleared D-> in this terminal area, so we didn’t experience the problem when tracking our own flights.

We’ll have it resolved shortly; thanks for the feedback.


We’ve applied a fix to our software and the problem seems to be resolved.

Please post your experiences here if it’s all fixed or if there are any more issues. Thanks.


:smiley: The fix seems to be working. Most of the flights with N880P that now show up weren’t “direct”, they were Tower Enroute Control (Southern California Terminal Routes). Perhap by the time you get the data it is coded as direct.

One nit, the July 16 flight from Fairbanks to Anchorage for N880P (that now shows up) has the airport identifier for Fairbanks as KFAI (it should be PFAI). I don’t know if this was an error in the original data, or if it’s an error in your software.

Anyway, thanks. A large fraction of my flights are TECs, and this fix will make the program very useful to me. I will let you know if there are any future problems.


TEC routes are inconsistent. Sometimes we get them, like “SCTM27,” and other times it comes across as direct. I think it depends on if you filed and got TEC or if you just called ground, "IFR TEC to [some airport]. I flew KSMO-KOXR recently and FlightAware says the route was SCTM25, which is correct. However, tons of other people fly the route and FlightAware shows it direct although they’re presumably flying SCTM25 too. In my case, I used DUATS because I was actually going KSMO-KOXR-KSBA-KBFL and figured I’d do it all at once.

Regarding your other problem, we gets the other codes in a variety of different formats. When filing IFR, some people use IATA codes, some people use 4-digit ICAO codes, and some people slap a “K” on an IATA code and it becomes “KHNL” instead of “PHNL,” for example. We’re looking to acquire an IATA/ICAO code database so that we can correctly do the conversions since we’re aware of the problem.

So, to answer your question, it’s an error in the data and in the software and we’re aware of it and hoping to fix it soon.


Greetings from Galveston Island–totally unrelated from Galveston–the airport code for Fairbanks never shows whether the K or P prefix. I know you must be working hard on the site but if I don’t bring it up, maybe nobody will either

Tom on Galveston


The ICAO code for Fairbanks, AK is PAFA.