Missing flights?


Might just be my deal, but two of my ‘watched’ planes are missing flights this morning…

flightaware.com/live/flight/N455RH (note they got to HPN, without leaving IND??)

And this one, shows in-flight, but it doesn’t show as airborne in the list…


map3.flightaware.com/flight_trac … 9f232ba3be


I’m not sure about N455RH. Lear Jets usually don’t make VFR flights. Could have received a pop-up IFR clearance and we didn’t see it.
N264SP probably made a VFR flight from KIND to KMIA. I’ve seen quite a few King Airs cruising at 16500 or 17500.


Right now UPS105 inbound to KSDF. Showing up on radar display. Flight information for aircraft shows dest as KSDF, but the flight is not listed on the En Route list for KSDF.

I’m guessing that it’s because he is coming from PANC and the dreaded international out-of-coverage kicked in. But I haven’t noticed any previous reports on this type of omission, so incase you hadn’t noticed that one yet, here it is.

All of the international problems I’ve been reading about involve either the origin or destination other than the US. This is the first time I’ve noticed one where both origin and destination were both in US, but travelled through Canada. Sorry if its a duplicate report that I overlooked.

Added 0619Z: Just looked back at this flight. It has landed now. It does not show under arrivals on the regular Live Tracker Airport screen, but DOES show up under the Arrivals(more) >Airport Activity list.


This is one of the “Blame Canada” problems. Flights in or out of Canada are generally find, but flights to and from the US that pass through Canada have problems with multiple departure messages, which creates a problem with the times, and thus they’re not shown on the Arrivals board.