N137ER currently in-flight on VFR FF, not showing


Tampico N137ER is currently in-flight, departed KMQY enroute to KSRC on VFR flight following. The flight is currently not showing in flightaware.com.

Please advise.



Looks fine to me - flightaware.com/live/flight/N13 … /KMQY/KSRC


Looks like it is showing now. How long does it normally take for the flights to start showing up? It didn’t show for the first hour of their flight. Their track didn’t show up until they got closer to Memphis.


I see what you mean. It’s not uncommon with VFR flights to have large gaps in position data.


I still think there is something odd going on. N137ER landed at KSRC. After refueling, back in the air (picked up VFR FF in the air from Memphis CTR). FlightAware is showing ground track on the map, but still believes it is the flight from KMQY to KSRC. Current flight is from KSRC to KDUA (KDUA is the destination given to MEM CTR for VFR FF).

Flight is currently displayed on FA map ~10 miles NW of KDEQ at 4600ft @ 124kts.


Yea, I see. One issue with VFR and our current track servers. We have a new track server software coming online soon (it was actually in production for an hour today before we backed it out) that will fix those issues.


Will this fix my questions raised here???

discussions.flightaware.com/view … 601#124601